The Intentional Ducati

Editors: Stevan Allred and Joanna Rose

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Flash fiction with a twist

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Portland, Oregon
Since 1998


Intentional Ducati # 3,   Held on 08/21/11

Edited by Stevan Allred


Preface to the Third Intentional Ducati >

1. Tax Day, by Mary Milstead
2. Replica, by Deborah Chandler
3. The Power Breakfast, by Jean Hart
4. Old Friends, by David Pickar
5. Plumb Line, by Stevan Allred
6. Two Blasts, by Scott Sparling
7. Chick, by Sherri Hoffman
8. A Proper Love Story, by Yuvi Zalkow
9. How We Scuffle Along, by Sonya Zalubowski


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