The Intentional Ducati


The Third Quasi-Annual Intentional Ducati was held on the last of the dog days of summer, August 21st, 2011. The afternoon was sultry, and the overcast sky high and silvery. We sat in Joanna Rose’s living room, and listened for the Ducati elements to appear, like butterflies landing on our ears, their wings aflutter. We rode a ferry on Puget Sound, stopped by the ruin of a thousand year old Anasazi house, and watched the business of doing business in post-glasnost Moscow. And no matter where the writers took us, there was always a white whale nearby, reminding us that obsession is the writer’s friend.

To watch for the intentional Ducatis, use The Rules at the bottom of the table of contents. 

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gnarly old vines

Venture capitalists are invited to fund our Napa Valley vineyard.

photo courtesy of Christina B Castro
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