The Intentional Ducati

The Rules: Challenge # 2

Write a 1000 word piece of flash fiction following the rules below:

1. opening line--your story must begin with a line from Dara Wier's poem "Need for Secrecy in Secret Societies".  A copy of the poem is at on the next page.

2. Use three or more of the following elements in your story:
i. an obscure word, or one that is no longer much in use, e.g. "fenestration", "wont", "truckle"

ii. synesthesia, or a synesthetic metaphor

iii. a sentence at least 40 words long followed by a sentence of three words or less

iv. an object that appears to be one thing and turns out to be something else

v. a drum major/majorette with a shiny baton

vi. a made up reality tv show

vii. a semi trailer loaded with smashed cars

Need for Secrecy in Secret Societies

I need to think with you privately.
When the moon looks the other way.
By the stonepath leading to the fountain
After Mr. Blacksheep has shut his cafe
For the evening.
Where Moose hides his bone.
On the front steps of the courthouse
At the entrance to the single-file alleyway.
Inside the shortstop's glove.
Under the cash drawer in the cash register.
Next to the big pots of cintronella.
When bats start up their nightmusic.
Inside the black silk envelope.
On the westbank of the river.
After the bomb stops exploding.
Where the porcupine hides its sewing.
After the field mice have finished with history.
Before the cockroach has taken its throne.
For no more than one lifetime.
When no one else is looking.

          -- Dara Wier

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