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Intentional Ducatis

Intentional Ducati # 1,   Held on 07/21/05

1.       Losers, by Stevan Allred

2.       The Jesus Truck, by Bruce Barrow

3.       Reasons Why, by Claudia Baskind

4.       Boris, Bourbon, and Kate, by Kitty Evers

5.       Spirits Benevolent & Otherwise, by Joanna Rose

6.       Where the Spotted Dog Used To Sit, by Jackie Shannon-Hollis

7.       Borbo, by Essenesse

8.       Morning Commute, by Julia Stoops

9.       The Entire Screaming World, by Steven Paul Taylor

10.       Fish, by Yuvi Zalkow



photo courtesy of Octopus~Atelier
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