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Intentional Ducatis

Intentional Ducati # 2,   Held on 04/08/06

Preface to the Second Intentional Ducati >

1.       Symbiosis, by Joseph Rogers
2.       To Get Out of the Way, by Julia Stoops
3.       Coyote Business, by Laura Houston
4.       Herman’s Hermits at the Seven Feathers, by Bruce Barrow
5.       Cherry Bomb, by Stevan Allred
6.       Now and Around Here, by Frank Cappuccio
7.       Pets, by Mary Milstead
8.       Quine’s Beauty Emporium, by Nicole Rosevear
9.       Recipe for Two, by Laura Stanfill
10.       Sharper, by Jackie Shannon-Hollis
11.       I Don't Want to Think of the Moon Like That, by Elise Stone
12.       Answer, by Sheri Blue
13.       The Thirteenth Betrayal, by Essenesse
14.       Heritage Avenue, by Christy George
15.       What Walt Whitman Said, by Liz Prato



photo courtesy of Paolo Agostini
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